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Photo Submission Rules

We want your photos to be as fun as creative as possible, but there are some rules that you must read through and agree to before you submit.

Any photo that violates any of the below guidelines will not be eligible to appear on the bottle, kapeesh? 

All Submitted Photos Should: 

  • Depict people a minimum of 25 years old, substantiated by proper identification, and should reasonably appear to be over 21 years of age
  • Not depict the act of drinking
  • Not portray, encourage, or condone drunk driving
  • Not depict situations where Twisted Tea is being consumed excessively, in an irresponsible way, or in any way illegally.
  • Not portray persons in a state of intoxication or in any way suggest that intoxication is acceptable conduct.
  • Not portray or imply illegal activity of any kind.
  • Not portray sexual passion, promiscuity, or any other amorous activity.
  • Not employ any symbol, gesture, or cartoon character that is intended to appeal primarily to persons below the legal purchase age.
  • Not employ any entertainment figure or group that is intended to appeal primarily to persons below the legal purchase age.
  • Not depict Santa Claus.
  • Not associate or portray Twisted Tea drinking before or during activities which require a high degree of alertness or coordination.
  • Not contain any lewd or indecent language or images.
  • Not employ religion or religious themes.
  • Not disparage competing alcoholic beverages.
  • Depict retail outlets as well kept and respectable establishments.
  • Not show littering or otherwise improper disposal of Twisted Tea containers, unless the scenes are used clearly to promote anti-littering and/or recycling.
  • Do not show any trademarks or copyrights other than Twisted Tea trademarks or copyrights.

By Submitting a photo you hereby agree:

That you own all copyright in and to the photo submitted and agree to assign all your rights to Twisted Tea Brewing Company, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and its agents.

That you have obtained authorization from any and all individual(s) featured in your photo submission and confirm those individual(s) agree to allow you to submit a photo bearing their name, image and likeness in connection with your submission of the photo on the Twisted Tea website and understand that such photo could be shared on social media platforms outside of Twisted Tea's control.

That you will indemnify, defend and hold Twisted Tea Brewing Company harmless from any and all damages, liabilities, fees and costs incurred in defending against any third party claims or threat of claims asserted against Twisted Tea Brewing Company arising from use of the photo.

All set? Great!

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